Assessment costs depend on your child’s age and if a written report is required. If you do not need a written report sessions are charged at our hourly rates. Charges for written reports and recommendations, including advice for Education Health and Care Plans, vary depending on the level of detail required. Travel and mileage costs apply to home and school appointments.

Please contact us for a free telephone screening consultation to allow us to provide you with an accurate assessment quotation.   

Sticky Dough Hands

An introduction to childrens hand splinting.

A 3-day upper limb splinting course for therapists with no splinting experience.

What will be covered? 

Autism Therapy

1:1 therapy costs

1-hour clinic session £100.00

45-minute clinic session £85.00

Cost inclusive of a short summary or advice programme.

Home & school visits will incur travel and mileage costs, contact us for a quotation.

Art Fun

Specialist Assessments

Assessment costs vary depending upon your child's age & their needs. Assessments & reports start at £250. Contact us for a quotation & read more about our assessments

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Hand Splint Clinic

An initial hand splinting clinic upper limb 1 hour assessment costs £120, if a full upper limb report is required the cost is £250.

Recommendations and follow-up costs are provided on the day and will outline the anticipated bespoke splinting costs. If there is sufficient time measurements and thermoplastic splints will be measured and fabricated. 

Hand splint costs range from £30 upwards depending upon your child's needs. 

Any splinting reveiw or follow-up assessments are charged at hourly rate of £100. On average we recommend three splint reviews per year. 

Home visit splinting assessments available upon request, please contact us to obtain costs.

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Upper Limb Intensive Therapy

Specific intensive therapy packages are recommended following an initial assessment. We try to work with your family's needs and budget. Packages range from:

  • Weekly therapy for 6-12 weeks for £800 - £1,400 inclusive of post-treatment reassessment & report. 

  • Daily therapy for 2-3 weeks for 2-3 hours per day for £2,500-£3,700 inclusive of post-treatment reassessment & report. 

  • Baby mCIMT group 5 week group, 2 hours per week face to face plus pre-group virtual assessment £600.

  • Virtual therapy options are available. 

Read more about intensive therapy. 

Contact us to discuss our intensive therapy pre-assessment costs.  

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surprised baby

Baby Group Costs

Baby groups; Flying Bees - massage & movement, Busy Bees - sensory movers, warrior bees (for infants with additional needs) £40 per block.

1:1 baby massage or baby yoga sessions £30 per 45-minute session or £150 for five sessions. 

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Children Meditating

Children & Young Peoples Group Therapy

Small group therapy sessions* for two to three children and one parent per child. From £400 for 5 therapy sessions (session length determined by intervention), plus a brief summary report.

Handwriting, pre-school skills, yoga, emotional regulation, constraint & bimanual therapy groups are available  

January 2023: 

mCimt groups for infants under 12 months. daily therapy group for 1 week followed by virtual weekly therapy for 5 weeks.  

February half term 2023:

Print-based handwriting group, daily session for 5 days. 

Yoga for confidence and coordination group. A daily session for 5 days. 

March 2023: 

mCimt groups for infants under 12 months. daily therapy group for 1 week followed by top-up virtual weekly therapy for 5 weeks.  

April 2023 - Easter Holidays: 

Cursive-based handwriting group, daily session for 5 days. 

Email us to sign up for our face-to-face groups. 

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Children in Yoga Class

Special Yoga

£45 per session per hour. Ideal for children with additional or emotional needs. Promotes relaxation, postural control, movement skills, body awareness and emotional regulation.

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Virtual Play & Self-care wokshops

Our £15 workshops are perfect to explore play ideas or self-care skills, positions for play and different toy types and how to adapt toys or the game for children's age and stage of play. Sessions run quarterly. The topic differ so follow us on social media to find out more!

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