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Our Child Occupational Therapists

B-Independent is led by Rebecca Johnson, who specialises in early intervention & intensive therapy models such as constraint-induced movement therapy.


Rebecca Johnson

Occupational Therapist

“Highly skilled, experienced OT who listened in detail about my children’s situation and made them feel happy and at ease during their assessment. She provided high quality, accurate reports and recommendations, which helped teachers and health professionals to understand my children’s strengths and difficulties. This has helped my children to be better supported in all settings.” Mother of Noah & Zaidy


Rebecca Johnson

Director & Advanced Occupational Therpist

Rebecca has over 14 years of paediatric experience as an occupational therapist. Rebecca assesses and treats children with a wide range of clinical diagnoses and functional difficulties. She has worked across a range of acute, community and education settings as an advanced clinical lead across NHS, charitable and research sectors.

Rebecca has a wealth of experience working with individuals, their families, carers and those with sensory processing difficulties, as well as neurological, developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD).

Rebecca has specialist paediatric clinical skills in assessing and treating: 

• High-risk neonates and babies born prematurely

• Children with acquired brain injuries and spinal injuries. 

• Supporting children with cerebral palsy 

• Expert in delivering constraint-induced movement therapy and bimanual therapy

• Specialist skills in assessing a range of upper limb and rheumatic conditions 

• Experience with burns and scar management. 

• Experience in treating surgical and non-surgical traumatic paediatric upper limb conditions. 

• Experience with hand splinting 

• Experience with intensive therapy

• Rebecca is a qualified sensory integration practitioner.

This broad range of clinical experience, and her belief in drawing upon evidence-based practice to guide intervention models, has allowed Rebecca to develop skills in providing a range of treatment modalities. 

Full CV provided upon quotation.

Profile coming soon.

Advanced Occupational Therpist

Profile coming soon.

Senior Therapist

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