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Training, Supervision, Consultancy & Case Management

Meeting Your Bespoke Needs


We run a range of training courses to groups including parents, teachers, teaching assistants, carers, and professionals. 

Our courses are designed for those who would like to learn about therapy models or how to support individuals with specific occupational therapy needs. 

Bespoke courses can be hosted on a two-hour, half day, or full day basis. We offer blocks of CPD training seminars for school staff. 

We offer clinical supervision and service development consultancy specific to you, your service or clients’ needs.

Case management

Our therapists are experienced at working as treating therapists within litigation.

Our therapists are experienced at working within multi-disciplinary teams. 

Our team has experience of working with case managers.

Our therapists work alongside other healthcare professionals to deliver inter-disciplinary treatment and training programs.


Offering virtual one-to-one clinical supervision to support clinicians.

Child occupational therapist Rebecca Johnson
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