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B-Independent Baby Groups

Nurture Bees Workshops offer

Movement, Massage, Play & Relaxation

 to support your child's next steps. 


Face to face groups. 

We will be continuing to offer newborn baby massage & Warrior Bees virtually upon request & 1:1 face to face sessions on request. 

2024 Workshops.

At B-Independent therapy, we believe in accessing informed early advice which is inclusive and offers access to a supportive and inclusive community. That's why we've adopted a pay-what-you-want pricing model for our workshops. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, and we want to make our workshops accessible to as many people as possible. By offering this flexibility, we aim to build a community that values trust and collaboration. Your contributions, no matter the amount, support our aim to connect families and provide the best advice at the right age and stage of your child's development. We are keen to create an inclusive play environment for families with children with additional  needs, for those who have had a difficult start to life, and those families looking for a safe non-judgemental play space. 


Many parents want to know  what our the advisory contribution is but this may not be achievable for you at the moment, the most important part is that you join the group on this journey with us! But for those who wish to know a donation between £5-12 per session helps us to cover our overheads and buy new resources.


Be reassured the sessions are informal with a large supply of drinks and snacks on hand for parents of infants who just want to  watch, have a cuddle, or have a relaxing snooze.


What is coming up: 


22nd March 13.00 - Massage for managing pain and discomfort. As part of the workshop we will explore your infant's regulation, sensory states and cues. This workshop is ideal for infants and children not crawling.


19th April 13.00 - Positions for play for pre-crawlers. Workshop designed for pre-crawlers of all ages no matter their stage of development.


17th May 13.00 - Adaptive play, switch skills and sensory play ideas for infants who play differently. Workshop designed for pre-crawlers of all ages no matter their stage of development.


14th June 13.00 - Play ideas to promote the development of your child's 8 senses and ideas to aid sensory and emotional regulation for your child. Workshop for pre-crawlers no matter their stage of development. We will discuss the senses, sensory overload and co-and self-regulation to help you make informed choices about nurturing your child's growth and development.

5th July 13.00 - TBC Play ideas to promote your child's next steps of crawling or learning to move independently. 

As part of your booking you will receive:

  • Play activity ideas for you and your baby

  • Drinks & refreshments in groups 


How to book: 

Book via the book now button at the bottom of the page. 


Once booked:

​Once you have booked you should receive all the information you need and a confirmation email confirming a place on a course.   

You're in safe hands: 

Our therapist has over 15 years of paediatric child development experience as an advanced occupational therapist and as a childcare provider. In line with HCPC & RCOT & other medical professional standards, we constantly engage in CPD & we are pediatric first aid trained. Our baby yoga & massage course training was accredited by Hands on Babies; a Royal College of Midwives & Complementary Therapy Accredited Board endorsed training programme.

Group options

Supporting you & your child

Get your child off to a flying start.

‘Flying Bees’ - Newborn to 4 months

Our massage & movement groups are suitable for newborns (and older infants) to 4-5 months of age. We introduce you & your baby to massage routines you can use from birth, positions for play & tummy time ideas,  we explore your babies cues & find time for you and your baby to unwind and connect together. Flying Bees is a wonderful way for you as a caregiver to learn all about your baby and the wonderful things they can already do! The activities you learn helps equip you with the skills to help you support your child to coregulate, help them soothe to sleep and can help you to ease their discomfort when they are teething, have colic or feel constipated. Our babies are given a free massage oil sample for you to trial!

See the world though your child's eyes & experience the wonders of play.

‘Busy Bees’ Sensory Movers 4.5-5 months+

The group focus’ on promoting a child’s global development. We use a range of activities to stimulate sensory, motor, cognitive and social emotional development. We introduce you and your baby to the eight body senses and strategies to develop a child’s sensory processing skills (this is key to developing longer term self regulation skills).

We work through a range of key positions for play which promote gross motor development, activities and games to develop visual perceptual, fine motor and cognitive development. All of our activities promote communication and social interaction

A slower pace for those need nurturing

‘Warrior Bees’ newborn+

Is a group or 1:1 session specifically for infants who may have been born prematurely or may have additional medical needs following a difficult start. Our groups are bespoke to those attending and deliver important early intervention, promote sensory regulation, comfort, discuss early positioning and self care strategies and provide parental education. Our groups are a great way for you to meet other families who have had similar experiences. Please contact us to discuss your child’s needs and to book a January 2021 place.

Bespoke to your needs

Additional Services

We offer 1:1 sessions,1:1 or small groups pre-bump massage courses and infant development workshops.

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