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Our Assessments

Before offering you a bespoke occupational therapy programme or a group therapy package, we want to get to know your child, their strengths and their goals. 

We use a range of assessment tools depending upon the therapy focus. We may use a standardised assessment. These are assessments designed to measure an individual's abilities compared to other people of the same age.  A free telephone screening assessment helps us to identify which standardised assessments we will use. 

The occupational therapy focus is unique to each person. When you first meet the occupational therapist your child will complete activities for 1-2 hours. The activities will look at how an individual does things such as playing, feeding, writing, manipulating items, completing self-care skills and how well they can move their body in relation to other objects.

We will talk about what your child’s strengths are, what they find difficult and what they would like to find easier (their goals). Sometimes we ask parents, carers and family members and teachers what goals they have for an individual. 

After the first session the occupational therapist may give an individual activities to complete or practice. These activities will be related to the therapy goals.

When you visit us for an assessment, we ask individuals to wear comfortable clothing that they can move in. 

If individuals want to show the therapist how difficult certain clothing items or activities are we recommend bringing these along to show us or sending us a video of you completing the activity.

To book your assessment, get in touch today.

Autism Therapy
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