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Nurture Bees Baby Group Workshop

Our Workshops have a different theme to support your child's development.

  • From 1 British pound
  • Harbury Lane

Service Description

At B-Independent therapy, we believe in accessing informed early advice that is inclusive and offers access to a supportive and inclusive community. That's why we've adopted a pay-what-you-want pricing model for our workshops. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, and we want to make our workshops accessible to as many people as possible. By offering this flexibility, we aim to build a community that values trust and collaboration. Your contributions of £1 or more support our aim to connect families and provide the best advice at the right age and stage of your child's development. We are keen to create an inclusive play environment for families with children with additional needs and those families looking for a safe non-judgemental play space. Many parents want to know what our advisory contribution is but this may not be achievable for you at the moment, the most important part is that you join the group on this journey with us! For those who wish to know a donation between £9-12 per session helps us to cover our overheads and contribute to new resources. Be reassured the sessions are informal with a large supply of drinks and snacks on hand for parents of infants who just want to watch, have a cuddle, or have a relaxing snooze. We keep our groups intimate offering 6 spaces in each session to give the care and attention you all deserve. WORKSHOP PLAN: 22nd March - Massage for managing pain and discomfort. As part of the workshop we will explore your infant's regulation, sensory states and cues. This workshop is ideal for infants and children not crawling. 19th April - Positions for play for pre-crawlers. Workshop designed for pre-crawlers of all ages no matter their stage of development. 17th May - Adaptive play, switch skills and sensory play ideas for infants who play differently. Workshop designed for pre-crawlers of all ages no matter their stage of development. 14th June - Play ideas to promote the development of your child's 8 senses and ideas to aid sensory and emotional regulation for your child. Workshop for pre-crawlers no matter their stage of development. We will discuss the senses, sensory overload and co-and self-regulation to help you make informed choices about nurturing your child's growth and development. 5th July - TBC Play ideas to promote your child's next steps of crawling or learning to move independently.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

We allow cancellations if a request is made 3 hours in advance of a session. For each parent we will honour & refund 2 cancellations in a 12 week period. Contact us directly.

Contact Details

  • Squab Hall Farm, Harbury Lane, Leamington Spa, UK


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