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Child Counseling

Discover your child’s unique strengths through 1:1 therapy blocks

Developmental & occupational therapy blocks for children

If you’re worried about your child’s development, you’re in the right place.

Every child deserves to learn, grow, play, and connect, no matter the hurdles they face. If you've received a difficult diagnosis or just feel something's not quite right, we're here to provide the targeted evidence-based support your child needs.


Our intensive 1:1 therapy helps your child overcome their unique challenges and enjoy life to its maximum potential.

Babies & toddlers aged 0-18 months

Children aged 18 months-preschool

School-aged children, teenagers & adolescents

Children in Playground

You want the best for your child, it’s only natural as a loving parent or carer.

We’re here with 1:1 intensive therapy to help them achieve their amazing potential.

Let’s find out more...

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B-Independent Therapy - Occupational Therapist for Children

Let’s help your child enjoy everyday life.



Hand skills

Self care


Emotional regulation

Sensory regulation

Reaching goals

Mother and Baby on Floor

Whether your child has a diagnosis - or not...

we will work with them as individuals, asking ‘what do they need?’ right now.

"Highly skilled, experienced OT (Occupational Therapist) who listened in detail about my children's situation and made them feel happy and at ease during their assessment. She provided high-quality, accurate reports and recommendations, which helped teachers and health professionals to understand my children's strengths and difficulties. This has helped my children to be better supported in all settings."

Mother of 2 under 10 years of age

Mother and Son

We support children & young people

  • Living with brain injuries (cerebral palsy)

  • With one-sided upper limb preference

  • Living with hemiplegia (from a childhood stroke)

  • Born prematurely

  • With global developmental delay

  • Living with down syndrome

  • Not meeting milestones

  • Having difficulties with hand skills

  • Struggling with their emotional/ sensory regulation.

What are intensive therapy blocks exactly?

Brushing teeth. Getting dressed. Playing with toys. Writing their name. Hobbies. Sports. Your child is capable of so much — and intensive therapy blocks are there to help them find their strength and reach their potential.


We believe in early and targeted support for the best outcomes. That's why we offer various intensive intervention packages — tailored to your child, in clinic and at home.

Speech Therapy
Music Class

We help with


Fine motor skills (threading beads, drawing shapes, writing etc.)


Everyday tasks of growing independence (tying shoe laces, morning routines etc.)


Self-care tasks (brushing teeth, brushing hair, getting dressed etc.)


Social and emotional development (role playing, emotion recognition etc.)

Your therapy options

Of course, we will assess your child for their unique needs, and offer an individualised therapy plan in line with your family’s situation.


But here is an overview of the therapy options we could offer.

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)

If your child has a weaker or lesser-used arm or hand, CIMT is often recommended.

What is CIMT exactly? While the stronger arm or hand rests comfortably in a lightweight mitt or cast, we give the weaker arm or hand the opportunity to develop through specific motor-learning opportunities.

Highly effective with strong evidence for improving a child's weaker hand or arm dexterity.


Flexible approach to make sure you can continue at home as well as in-clinic.


Recommended for children with hemiplegia (childhood stroke), cerebral palsy and or obstetric brachial plexus injury (injury through birth)


Baby CIMT specialist program for babies under 12 months.

Bimanual Intensive Therapy (BIMT)

BIMT is all about helping your child use two hands to complete everyday tasks - from pouring milk onto their cereal to opening a door.


Different from CIMT, both upper limbs are encouraged to work with use of specially chosen toys, activities and specific daily actions.

Research proves that consistent practice leads to your child’s motor skills improving.


Flexible approach to make sure you can continue at home as well as in-clinic.


Recommended for children with hemiplegia (childhood stroke) and cerebral palsy.


Baby BIMT specialist program for babies under 12 months.

Early Intervention Therapy

If your baby has had a difficult start to life, early intervention therapy can help them overcome challenges and find their strength.


From dressing, teeth cleaning, and self-care to fostering emotional regulation, we build your baby or child’s confidence through movement, play, and everyday activities.

Flexible approach to make sure you can continue at-home as well as in-clinic.


Recommended for babies born prematurely, diagnosed with a medical condition or when you simply suspect developmental challenges (you do not need a diagnosis).


Early intervention aims to start promptly to help your child maximise their enjoyment of life.

UpLit Programme

UpLIT is our bespoke therapy model that improves your child‘s hand and mobility skills vital for daily activities.


After we identify your child’s specific goals, we support them through locomotor training, strengthening programs, goal-specific training, and various upper limb therapies — which will strengthen them physically and boost their confidence.

5-6 hours of daily 1-1 therapy over 10 days.


Recommended for children aged 5 and over.


Completely tailored programme aimed at empowering your little one through mobility and hand skills so they can master the everyday tasks that bring enjoyment to everyday life.


If your child is struggling with handwriting, we give them the targeted support they need to find their strength,


There is more involved with handwriting than you may first think. That‘s why we support your child with motor skills - such as holding a pencil and stabilising muscle groups - but also language comprehension and visual perception.

Recommended for children aged 5 and over.


Handwriting challenges commonly affect children living with cerebral palsy, childhood stroke, spina bifida, brain injuries


Can also affect children living with dyslexia and dysphagia - but you do not need a diagnosis to seek support.

Physical Therapy Session

Goal-orientated interventions

We know every child is different.

And your goals for your unique child may differ from those of another parent.


Sometimes, it may take time to determine which type of therapy you need. So, whatever you’re thinking, talk to us, and let us recommend a bespoke therapy package that focuses on achieving your goals.

Our approach

Because it matters to your child's care.

Early intervention

Because we understand that getting the right support for your child — as early as possible — is the key to maximising their joy in everyday life.

How our therapy models work

01. Get in touch to book your initial assessment


02. Have an initial assessment


03. Receive your therapy plan


04. Book in for your therapy

Baby Playing with Building Blocks
Child Doing Art Activity


+ How much does therapy cost?


+ How can I pay for therapy?


+ What if I can’t afford the therapy plan?


+ Is this a long-term commitment?


+ What happens if you identify other needs in my child?


+ My child is in school; how will this work around term times?


+ Do you support children with autism?


+ Do you support children with ADHD?

Mother and Baby

You want your child to experience life to its fullest.

B-Independent Therapy is here for the families who need help getting there.

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