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Your child deserves to live life to their amazing potential.

About B-Independent child development services

B-Independent Therapy is a Children’s Occupational Therapy service that helps children and young people overcome their unique challenges, find their strength, and enjoy everyday life.

We are here so parents can access evidence-based support, leveraged by scientific research, that will make a positive impact on their child’s life.

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B-Independent Therapy - Occupational Therapist for Children

We believe your child can achieve.

Getting up in the morning, brushing their teeth...

...eating breakfast, and putting on their shoes — a handful of tasks kids do before the school day even begins.


Part of everyday life, children thrive when they can achieve their own level of independence. As a parent or carer, you know this.

Mother and Baby on Floor

You want your child to experience life to its fullest.

B-Independent therapy is here for the families who need help getting there.

Child occupational therapist Becci Johnson.jpeg

Hello. I'm Becci Johnson.

the children’s occupational therapist behind B-Independent Therapy.

Whoever you are and whatever you’re going through right now, parenting can be a tough gig. And if you’ve received difficult news about your child’s health or development  

or you suspect something isn’t right, and you’re looking for answers — it can be even harder.

Child Playing

"”Becci gave me the confidence and the knowledge to assist my son and explained things to keep an eye on, which has made me feel so empowered as a parent, when initially I didn’t know where to turn.”

Rachel - mother of 12-month-old baby

Our approach

Because it matters to your child's care.


Early intervention

Because we understand that getting the right support for your child — as early as possible — is the key to maximising their joy in everyday life.



Everything we do is rooted in science and backed by research. This means we’re creative in tailoring intervention options that meet your child’s unique needs.


Empowering parents

You deserve confidence as a family. We're here to support you, ensuring you feel informed, clear, and calm about your child's therapy journey.


Joined up care

We look at the 'bigger picture' to understand fully what’s going on with your child. We’ll refer to a network of health professionals when needed.



Your child’s health and well-being is our focus. We work with your family to deliver a fun therapy practice that gives your child confidence.


Safe space

Come on in. No pressure here. Just a calm, nurturing space for your child to learn, grow, and develop at their own pace.


No long waiting lists

No waiting around for months, or even years. We see you promptly, ensuring you get the early intervention your child needs to thrive.

Father and Son

At B-Independent Therapy, we're here for families just like yours.

Let’s see your child take their next step — whatever that may be for them.

Rebecca’s professional qualifications & experience

  • Over 16 years of paediatric experience as an occupational therapist

  • Working across acute, community, and education settings as an advanced clinician and clinical lead across NHS, charitable, and research sectors.

  • A wealth of experience working with children and young people with neuro-developmental conditions, neurological and congenital upper limb injuries, and individuals who have sustained congenital or acquired brain injuries.

Tying Shoes
Standing Toddler

Clinical specialisms & interests

  • Early intervention specialist

  • Upper limb splinting

  • Intensive therapy (such as CIMT - Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy) and early developmental programmes which bring together;

  • Evidence-based practice, family and child-centred care and arts in health interventions

  • Sharing clinical practice and knowledge with other professionals

  • Spoken and lectured at multiple UK courses and conferences.

Mother and Baby

We’re here for the parents and carers.

You’re key to helping your little ones (or not-so-little-ones!) find their strength, and live their life to its full potential.

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